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Russian Rulers History Podcast
First we follow the Russian rulers from Rurik to Putin then take to recounting all aspects of Russian history.
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April 2012 Episodes:
Nikita Khrushchev
  • Pub Date: Apr 20, 2012
  • Episode 88 - On the Cult of Personality and Its Consequences
  • Listen:
  • An edited version of the Secret Speech of Nikita Khrushchev given to the 20th Congress of the Communist Party in 1956 is read.
Beria with Svetlana Stalin on his lap with the Boss in the background
  • Pub Date: Apr 15, 2012
  • Episode 87 - Who's In Charge?
  • Listen:
  • With Stalin dead, a power vacuum gets filled but Beria failed to see a plot led by Khrushchev to overthrow him.
Stalin's Body
  • Pub Date: Apr 08, 2012
  • Episode 86 - The End of a Monster
  • Listen:
  • Joseph Stalin, who ruled the USSR for 30 years was planning World War III when he died of a stroke in 1953.
Stalin and Truman at Potsda,
  • Pub Date: Apr 01, 2012
  • Episode 85 - The End of One War, the Beginning of Another
  • Listen:
  • With World War II over, Stalin now plans for global domination and starts the Cold War.
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