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Russian Rulers History Podcast
First we follow the Russian rulers from Rurik to Putin then take to recounting all aspects of Russian history.
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August 2010 Episodes:
The fortress of Kazan at the time of Ivan
  • Pub Date: Aug 26, 2010
  • Episode 17 - Ivan IV, The Youthful Warrior
  • Listen:
  • Ivan, fresh off his wedding and coronation, sets off the rid himself of the Tartar menace in Kazan.
The burning of Moscow
  • Pub Date: Aug 19, 2010
  • Episode 16 - The Coronation and Marriage of Ivan IV
  • Listen:
  • Ivan IV, now rid of his antagonists, gets ready to ascend to the throne and get married. Then crisis strikes the young Tsar.
Russian Troops During Ivan's Time on Skis
  • Pub Date: Aug 12, 2010
  • Episode 15 - Ivan IV, The Early Years, Part Two
  • Listen:
  • Ivan, left to fend for himself is largely ignored by his supposed protectors. Traumatic events were to follow his youthfull years.
Ivan IV
  • Pub Date: Aug 05, 2010
  • Episode 14 - Ivan IV - The Early Years, Part One
  • Listen:
  • Young Ivan IV, Grand Prince of Moscow, serves as a figurehead ruler with his mother as Regent.
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