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Russian Rulers History Podcast
First we follow the Russian rulers from Rurik to Putin then take to recounting all aspects of Russian history.
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October 2013 Episodes:
The Starets Feodor Kuzmich
  • Pub Date: Oct 27, 2013
  • Episode 130 - Was the Starets Feodor Kuzmich Really Alexander I
  • Listen:
  • The death of Alexander I has long been a mystery. Did he fake his death and become a starets named Feodor Kuzmich to atone for his role in his father Paul I's murder?
Composer Modest Mussorgsky
  • Pub Date: Oct 06, 2013
  • Episode 129 - The Four Rebellions - A Final Discussion
  • Listen:
  • In today's podcast we review the rebellions and discuss why they happened and corollaries to today's world events.
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