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Russian Rulers History Podcast
First we follow the Russian rulers from Rurik to Putin then take to recounting all aspects of Russian history.
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Current Episodes:
The Office where Trotsky was murdered.
  • Pub Date: Dec 08, 2014
  • Episode 155 - Leon Trotsky - Ouster to End
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  • Leon Trotsky goes from one of the most powerful men in Russia to being in exile and finally murdered in 1940.
Trotsky and his daughter Nina
  • Pub Date: Dec 02, 2014
  • Episode 154 - Leon Trotsky - 1905-1917
  • Listen:
  • Between 1905 and 1817 Trotsky escaped from Siberia and headed to Europe awaiting the right moment to return to Russia.
Lev Davidovich Bronstein - Trotsky
  • Pub Date: Nov 17, 2014
  • Episode 153 - Leon Trotsky - Part One
  • Listen:
  • Today, we cover the early years of Lev Bronstein, known to us as Leon Trotsky.
Feodor Dostoyevsky
  • Pub Date: Oct 26, 2014
  • Episode 152 - The Life of Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky
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  • Feodor Dostoyevsky is considered one of the literary giants of Russia. His sometimes tragic life inspired many of his incredible writings.